Bangi Wonderland : Tips You Need To Know

Bangi Wonderland located on 12-acre land at the heart of Bangi Avenue as a hub of development in the Bangi/Nilai/Semenyih triangle in the Southern Klang Valley. It is expected to attract more than 500,000 visitors a year, particularly from the population catchment of southern Klang Valley, Putrajaya and Negeri Sembilan.

Waterpark Car Park Rate – RM6 per entry

This water theme park features a total of 14 thrilling state of the art water rides including the first in Malaysia Water Cannon which will provide the never ending fun for the entire family.

With thrilling rides and so much more for the whole family and friends, Bangi Wonderland is the best one stop weekend escape featuring a total of 14 rides for those seeking for adventure!


Bring supplies.

A waterproof casing for your phone is also a good idea as is a powerbank for your phone. You will probably take hundreds of pictures so you will want to re charge it! A lightweight back pack is ideal.

Tube Rental

There are tubes up for rental in Bangi Wonderland. The water slides and rides come with their own tubes, so renting one isn’t necessary if you have no need for it.

If you do choose to rent a tube, do keep in mind that you will have to carry it with you for the day. You won’t be able to get your deposit back if you lose or misplace your tubes

Tube Rental : RM14 (Rental) (RM10 deposit refundable / rental)

Electronic Locker

Bags and personal belongings aren’t allowed on majority of the rides and attractions within the park. You can keep your things in the locker if you don’t have someone watching your things.

E-locker Rental Price

(Unlimited access Rental)
(Deposit Refundable/day)
MediumRM15 RM15

Arrange a meeting place if you get lost.

Hopefully this won’t happen but having one pre arranged will alleviate some of the stress if you do manage to lose someone or you get separated. Remember there will be rides that only some of the family will go on and if they are unable to bring their phone or other items on the ride, having a meeting place is essential.


You WON’T be able to go on every ride, no matter how fit you are, or how small the theme park is! Check the height and or age restrictions before you go so you can rule out rides that are not applicable for your children. Not only will this save you time but you can prepare your children so that they are not upset if they are too small to go on a top attraction. Mark the attractions that are ‘must see’ and go for them first.

Plan Your Route.

Don’t follow the herd. Go to the rear of the park and work your way towards the entrance or anti-clockwise or go straight for the rides that you really want to go on. The most popular rides will have the longest queues so go on them first when you have more energy and don’t mind queuing.

Fun and thrill rides at Bangi Wonderland as below:

  • Kids Adventure
  • Magic Funnel
  • Anaconda Trail
  • The Fall
  • Green Pearl
  • Wonder Loop
  • Spiralax
  • Body Slide
  • Pirates Bay
  • Water Cannon
  • Boomeriang
  • Insane Racer
  • Meander River
  • Pirates Spa 

Best time to visit

You can expect the park to be more crowded during public holidays, school holidays, and weekends in general. Typically, mid-year and the last 2 months of the year tend to be the busiest.

What to Wear

Since it’s a family-friendly park, it’s best to dress modestly, mainly for comfort and convenience. Although there are no restrictions against bikinis and speedos, you might stand out from other patrons and get the few odd stares here and there.

Stick to a swimsuit you’re comfortable with and if you’re visiting the dry amusement park before or after the water park, you can simply throw on a T-shirt and boardshorts over your swimsuit. Malaysia is hot and humid all year round, so it’s best to stick with thin, breathable clothes.

As for footwear, slippers and sandals are the most convenient. You’ll be required to remove your footwear before going on the water slides and they’re usually kept at a general area

As long as you follow these simple Bangi Wonderland park rules, figuring out what to wear shouldn’t be difficult!

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Bangi Wonderland Promotion 2019

Bangi Wonderland Promotion 2019

Promosi August Awesome (2 & 5 orang)

Cuti sekolah datang lagi! Apa kata korang ke Bangi Wonderland, boleh bermandi-manda dan main slides bersama family dan kawan-kawan disini.

Bangi Wonderland tengah buat promosi sekarang ni. Harga memang Awesome. Promosi bermula dari 1 – 31 Ogos 2019.

Isnin – Jumaat, Sabtu, Ahad: 
2 orang (Mykad) hanya RM80.00
5 orang (Mykad) hanya RM180.00

Cuti Sekolah & Cuti Umum (10-18 Ogos & 31 Ogos 2019):
2 orang (Mykad) hanya RM90
5 orang (Mykad) hanya RM200

Promosi untuk 2 dan 5 orang ini boleh campur dewasa (130cm ke atas) dan kanak-kanak (90 -130cm)
*Taman tema tutup pada setiap hari Selasa, kecuali pada cuti sekolah/cuti umum

Maklumat lanjut layari atau Facebook: Bangi Wonderland Themepark & Resort

Promosi July Giler 2019

Lepas raya ni nak kemana? Apa kata ke Bangi Wonderland, boleh bermandi-manda dan main slides bersama family dan kawan-kawan.

Alang-alang Bangi Wonderland ada promosi JULY GILER sekarang ni. Promosi ni sah dari 1hb sehingga 31hb Julai 2019.

Ini harga promosi:

3 orang (Mykad) hanya RM130
7 orang (Mykad) hanya RM270

3 orang (Non Mykad) hanya RM160
7 orang (Non Mykad) hanya RM340

Promosi ini boleh campur dewasa (130cm ke atas) dan kanak-kanak (90 -130cm)
*Taman tema tutup pada setiap hari Selasa, kecuali pada cuti sekolah/cuti umum

Maklumat lanjut layari

Kawtim Giler! 2019 (Promotion for 2 & 5 persons)

Bring your family and friends Bangi Wonderland, the biggest water theme park located at the heart of Bangi, Malaysia!

14 different swashbuckling ride to choose from: Kids Adventure, Magic Funnel , Anaconda Trail, The Fall, Green Pearl, Wonder Loop, Spiralax, Body Slide, Pirates Bay, Water Cannon, Boomeriang, Insane Racer , Meander River, Pirates Spa

Address: No 2, Persiaran Bangi Avenue, Bangi Avenue, 43000 KajangKajang, Malaysia

Telephone Number: 03-8912 8333

Bangi Wonderland a fun and exciting water theme park located in Bangi. Come experience our Water Cannon Ride, the 1st and only in Malaysia.


Monday – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and School Holiday:

  • 2 persons (Mykad) only RM80
  • 5 persons (Mykad) only RM180
  • 2 persons (Non Mykad) only RM100
  • 5 persons (Non Mykad) only RM230

Public Holiday:

  • 2 persons (Mykad) only RM90
  • 5 persons (Mykad) only RM200
  • 2 persons (Non Mykad) only RM110
  • 5 persons (Non Mykad) only RM250

This promotion can be used for both adult (130cm and above) and child (90 – 130cm)

Promotion valid from 1 January 2019 until 30 June 2019

*Subject to terms and conditions
*Water park close on every Tuesday, except during Malaysia School Holidays/Public Holidays
*Water park will be closed from 6 May 2019 until 4 June 2019 for yearly maintenances. Park will be open as usual on 5 June 2019.

Please visit website for more information