The Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cats have been domesticated since prehistoric times. Perhaps for as long as 5,000 years. Throughout human history, they have been greatly valued as destroyers of vermin as well as their ornamental qualities.

However, considering our long and successful relationship with the domestics feline, the phenomenon of the pure-bred cat is a surprisingly recent one.

Question – How many breeds of cats could you identify? There are over 100 breeds to choose from. Personally, i only can recognise a few like persian, maine coon, siamese, singapura, and british short hair. Which one is the most popular cat breeds?


Persian (longhairs)

All persian cats have the same basic physical shape & conformation. Their faces are flat with short noses and small ears. Persian longhairs come in many different colour and patterns. All these are very amenable and friendly.


The Ragdoll is a cat of powerful build with big round paws and a long bushy tail. its head is broad and wide cheeked with a slightly retrogress nose and wide eyes of deep sapphire. Ragdolls make first-class indoor pets and thrive in urban apartments. Like persian, they need regular grooming although their coat tends not to matt

Maine Coon

The oldest American breed, this cat may have roamed free in the state of Maine in the early of its history. The Maine Coon cat is appropriately powerfully built with an all-weather coat and a reputation for being a wise and skilful hunter.

Birmans (semi-longhairs)

The Birman falls somewhere between the siamese and the persian in its character, build, length of fur. All Birmans have colour-pointed features – darker coloration on the ears, face, tail and legs.



The Bengal was developed in an attempt to combine the look of the wild Asian Leopard Cat with the temperament of the domesticated cat. Because of that, Bengals are natural hunters and do not make good house cats. They need plenty of space and the freedom of room. The short coat is thick with a luminous sheen and requires only minimal grooming.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue has pronounced whisker pads, wide-set, pointed ears and a face more rounded than that of other foreign short-hairs. These combine to give the cat a gentle expression that reflects its nature. Loving and loyal, they are one of the feline breeds that is most amenable to being lead-trained. Russian Blue tend to be greedy eaters and they are prone to obesity if their diet is not carefully controlled.


This elegant cat has a glossy, short coat with a satin finish. The brown Burmese is the usual or original colour and should be warm . Rich in tone with matching brown nose leather and paw pads.

British Short-hair

All the essential characteristics of the British Shorthair type are often seen at their peak in the black. This is because it was one of the earliest British Shorthair breed to be selectively bred from the very best of British street cats in the 1800s. Now the British Shorthair is the 3rd largest group of registered pedigreed cats in the United Kingdom and popular throughout the world.