The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair 2018 Malaysia

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Returns – Be on your toes Kuala Lumpur, the biggest book sale in the world is making its way back once again! Be prepared once more to jostle with the crowds sifting through over four million books.

All sorts! You’ll find a variety of English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese book best sellers, children’s books, interactive books, all genres of fiction, references, biographies and other mysterious treasures and many more!

Lugging with him 4.5 million new books at 75% – 95% discount. Prices can go as low as RM5. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes as chances are you’ll spend at least a couple of hours here.

  • Date: 7 Dec – 17 Dec (Open 24 Hours)
  • Venue: MIECC, The Mines Seri Kembangan

Apart from books, collectors and vintage enthusiasts can also find wall posters, tin signs, button badges and Big Bad Wolf merchandise at bargain price during the sale.

Shoppers and visitors are also reminded to shop responsibly, by returning unwanted books to their original location to allow others to find them easily.

big bad wolf book fair 2018 malaysia

Café Wolf, situated within the hall, will be available at all times so book hunters can grab a bite and refresh themselves before diving back into the sale.

You’ll find curry puffs, Nasi Lemak, coffee and of course, books! Take a breather at Cafe Wolf so you can keep hunting to your heart’s content. But people said, the price is quite expensive.

Big Bad Wolf Membership Benefit

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As reported by Malay Mail, this year, the Big Bad Wolf book sale is partnering with Astro Kasih Knowledge Zone, and donating 1,000 books to their cause: providing quality books to underprivileged children.

3,000 underprivileged children from 29 charity homes will benefit from this initiative.

7 Tips You Need To Know Before Go To The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair

  • Be a considerate shopper. Put the unwanted books where you found them, don’t just chuck them in random places.
  • The hall quite HUGE. Dress sensibly and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet to look up book reviews
  • Get ready for a long queue.Avoid the crowd by coming during off-peak hours. Come early in the morning and late at night
  • Prepare yourself mentally. If you are thinking of just looking around, you might actually leave with 10 books instead.
  • The books will be arranged by genre, take your time to browse through the books.
  • Bring your own shopping bag to haul those books around.