The 14 Rides at Bangi Waterpark You Must Try!

Anaconda Trail

The 14 Rides at Bangi Waterpark You Must Try!

Grab your tube to ride at Anaconda Trail. This ride just straight to get down but have challenge wavy trail like snake’s body. It is a fun game for those of you with friends and family.


Body Slide

Body slide is suitable for children and adult. No tubes necessary to slide down and the ride always ends with a big splash!


The riders ride on the appropriate raft, slide into the flume from a very high platform, through a spiral drainage, dive like the spacecraft to the bottom with great inertia, rush to the opposite slope, to reach the highest point at once, let the riders experience the feeling of sky walk; even when the riders is not rest yet, they will free fell quickly by their own weight, entering into the recycle flume, and pass the semicircular flume, drop into the splash pond. It is especially suitable for adventurous challengers.

Green Pearl

Riders slide from a high platform, after rapidly through over a long time warp. this high thrill body slide turns rides into rockets as they are launched from a dizzying high-speed, after several impact, the riders will be drop into a deep adventure, that is really unforgettable experience for getting rid of unhappy and pressure.

Insane Racer

Speed water slide is the essential attraction for a water park. This side-by-side multi-lane racing water slide is the original match track, it takes riders have fun through a series of thrilling bumps, and who accelerates can rush to the finish line! Every water park should have this kind of racing water slide.

Kids Adventure

Kids Adventure is a water play area especially built for the little ones. With lots of interactive water play options and a huge water bucket, there so much fun for the special little ones in your life. Slides, platform and water jets set in pirates adventure is the best play area for toddlers. Live up your pirates adventure at Kids Adventure! Try to be a Captain Catz to defend your ship and explore the fortress!


Magic Funnel

Magic Funnel is an extremely thrilling, four person tube ride where riders accelerate down a steep tunnel with high speed entering the base of the funnel. Their momentum will allow riders to travel high up the opposite wall of the funnel, experiencing momentary weightlessness, before oscillating back and forth in the narrowing funnel towards the landing pool.

Meander River

Take a slow ride on the Meander River. Relaxation is the name of the game here. It is a very good choice for water park. Get a double tube and ready for your worries to float away while you soak up the sun. On a hot day, there’s no better way to cool off. Meander River always offers you the most leisure time when you visit a water park, just enjoy it!

Pirates Bay

The ultimate artificial wave pool, where sea-like waves are forme. Dunk your friends in, or ride those waves together. Its the perfect place for families to kick back on the beach or float in tubes under the watchful eye of lifeguards.

Pirates Spa

Give yourself a good pampering in our therapy pool! Pirates Spa is a pool to reduce your tiredness after playing a challenging game all day.


Grab a tube and slide down the spiral slide with your family or friend!

The Fall

High speed slides, an exciting water slide for adventure water park, can give you a thrilling riding experience. From the tallest, to the steepest, to the fastest, riders will experience the thrilling vertical drop. The slides blend at a thoughtful slope, to produce the most heart pounding, head-rushing, water spraying experiences to riders.

Water Canom

You want to fly high and dive into cool waters? Riders sit on the canon, with a slight push on a switch, huge flood will shoot the rides out like a bullet, then drop into a deep pool. A thrilling experience for all adventurers!

Wonder Loop

With gravity and lubrication from water, riders are released from a cabinet and slip vertically from a really high platform to the bottom. Then riders will be rushed through inclined loop and reached the apex of the loop with beating heart due to the weightlessness.

Bangi Wonderland Themepark & Resort details:

Address: No. 2, Persiaran Bangi Avenue, Bangi Avenue, 43000 Kajang

Ticket prices:

  • MyKad adult – RM55
  • MyKid child – RM45
  • OKU child – RM22
  • Children under 90cm – FREE

Opening times: 11am – 6pm (Monday – Sunday)


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