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Austin Height Water Park is located in Taman Mount Austin, Tebrau, Johor Bahru and it will immerse you with its exotic tropical theme. The main attraction is the “Hola-Flora” TOTs Play where visitors get squirted by giant flora showers. Besides, other water attractions include Splash World, Supersurf, Yellow Wall, G-Force Alley, and more.

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Make sure that your child feels comfortable before boarding a ride.

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Tips For Family Fun at Austin Waterpark

  • To check the Park operating hours before your visit, call Park information hotline at +6019-7163183. Operating hours are posted on their website as well.
  • Sunscreen is recommended on warm days and can be purchased at our merchandise shops.
  • Review the park map to familiarize yourself with the park’s layout and plan your day.
  • Make sure that your child feels comfortable before boarding a ride.

12 Attractrion on Austin Waterpark

“Hola-Flora” TOTs Play

Chuckling of little kids can be heard as they are fascinated by water squirting from the giant flora shower and kicking off water in the puddles. Adults too will sheepishly join in to bring back childhood memories when fun and play ruled the day

Splash World

Imaginations run wild when there is a perfect attraction for the little park enthusiasts. Switch the game on for your “cutie-lovey” aged 2 – 12, by letting them rule their own game with this “splash-tastic” water playground. They could race the game in their own way or get behind the wheel. However, they will never be able to get rid of the torrential rains from a gallon-sized bucket on top.

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These 6 high-speed racing lanes are ready to boost your rate of blood circulation and your body muscle for exertion. To be a drenched-champion, you will have to plunge in head first into the wickedly downhill tracks where you will go head-to-head for a full throttle plunge and ends with a screaming splash! Thus, unleash a whole new breed of speed and be the first wettest one of them all!

Yellow Wall

Our advice is, don’t ever try to look down before you slide down. Hang on as you tube through this extra-wide body slide because this widest slide quenches your need for speed with its terrific intense slope! Hurtle high above, speed down by gliding left or right within seconds and splash-out at the end, that’s for sure would be too late for you to scream!

Rainbow Hood

One of the most stunning slides of summer that takes momentum rider sliding down twisting and turning in the dark, while revelling in rotary-rainbow effect by landing each rider at Lazy River in a dazzled and topsy-turvy state. It is one of its kind at our park here. Hence, open or close your eyes? You decide yourself!

G-Force Alley

Sensation of weightlessness begins here. Sit on an air tube with its full chute jumping ability, and you will definitely learn what “zero-gravity” means. This thrilling sensation of “zero-gravity” moment, caused by numerous massive snake-like curves, will lift you into the air and crash back down as you navigate the hills! Remember, the first is just the beginning, so are you ready for the entire “flying” journey?

Uphill Battle

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Be prepared to scale a new experience of water slide fun as the blazing fast edgeless tube is putting you to the edge of seat. Hold on tight as you slip and slide your way into the belly of the hill. However, don’t forget to perform an awesome stunt and hit the speed of fear before you flop down. Take it on if you have the guts!

Racer Bowl

Before making a safe splash landing, a big whirl, large swirl and huge twirl would zoom you into a black spiral of darkness from a fully enclosed flume. So, do you dare to try this most dizzying slide in Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park while asking yourself what are you really doing in this alley. Relax guys, after you have swallowed your saliva, we bet you would be begging for more!

Summer Breeze Bar

Sit back and relax in the sun, or crave for some refreshing fun in the sun? Techno music with throngs of charming and entertaining bartenders are counting down to fuel up each patron’s level of thirst.

Austin Wave Pool

Gallons of fun will never leave out ocean fun waves without shark. Hence, a loosey-goosey and high-tide leisure is here for everyone on the shore. Whether you are an amateur or pro, just grab a tube to surf on waves, splash in the shallow end or swim parallel in your own way to heart-pounding actions to break the man-made flow of water.

Lazy River

A perfect place to spend your hot summer day. Match styling sunglasses with your most carefree style. Sit back and relax by floating on a slow-moving stream of river. Can you imagine what an amazing day to relax at our Super-Duper Lazy River while emptying your mind comfortably?

Tropical Cabana

Long-live cheers and laughter begin from sunrise to twilight and last until the night sets in. Each fun-enjoyer in Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park will never have to brainstorm in thinking about where and what to eat. Just reserve your very own private BBQ host at the Cabana BBQ area and raise your legs up in this moon light hub.

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park (Google Reviews)

  • Great place to bond with your Children Or Teens. May it be Water Park Or Adventure Park to have Team Building. Even Can build inter-relative or Cousin bonding. – Dennis Chua
  • For the price it was really worth it, decent number of water activities and dry activities like flying fox and high elements. Cafeteria food (fried chicken) was pretty good too. However, at one of the high element stages there was a dead rat which attracted loads of flies Immediately informed the staff and they attended to it, as a result cleanliness and maintenance has to be improved there. Overall, still recommended as it is good value for money! 😀 – Eugene Hu
  • Most suitable for family. Small theme park. It just u have to check the weather before u went to play cause sometimes it will be very sunny. – Tan Yen
  • Fun place with many different type of parks to play . Loads of fun and a great place to spend your day. Some places can still be improved -Adriel Seet

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