Saba Restaurant Cyberjaya Friday Buffet

Saba Restaurant Cyberjaya Friday Buffet

Saba Restaurant is an established Middle Eastern Restaurant Group in Malaysia which serves fresh, healthy and halal Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu includes a selection of the best authentic rice meals such as Kabsah, Hanith and Mandi.

Most of these dishes are served with either Arabic bread or our finest selection of rice grains cooked to perfection. To make your dining experience at Saba Restaurant an enjoyable one, they have also lined up some exotic Turkish and Arabic coffee and tea.


Do make a reservation if you wish to come for dinner or else you’d find yourself waiting in a very long line and it may even take more than an hour before you get a table.

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Saba Restaurant Cyberjaya Review

Great Arabian dishes at a very reasonable price. This place us very crowded during meal times but particularly so during evenings. It has a separate no smoking area inside so if you are a non-smoker like me, you’d not be disappointed. Parking is free if you go during evenings as majority of the reserved slots (that are otherwise taken during daytime) are available. Overall, we had a great experience. Harjeet Khokher

Food ordered delivered quite fast by waiter but for drinks it took a long journey to be delivered. The shop always crowded at peak hour so please consider if you have kids which cannot tolerate with a lot of people – shidies Rz

Good Arabic food here. Ambience is good. Services is good. Pricing could be standard to slightly expensive for Cyberjaya area. Try this place if you enjoy Arabic food. Sharifah Jan Mohamed

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