Putrajaya Sentral Parking Rate 2020

Putrajaya Sentral Parking

This park-and-ride facility is managed by a subsidiary of PPJ. The current charge for covered car park is RM2 per entry from 6am to 12 midnight. Vehicles that exceed this time period will be charged an additional fee. Motorists who park their cars here can enjoy free bus rides on the Nadi Putra buses.

It is the most convenient and cheap option for travellers to park and ride, and get to the airport and back without a hassle.

Located in Precinct 7 near Putrajaya Hospital, Putrajaya Sentral serves as the transportation hub for Putrajaya, and its surrounding communities in Cyberjaya, Dengkil and Puchong

DaysDay Shift
(6am – 12am)
Night Shift
(12am – 6am)
1- 5 daysRM2 / shift RM4 / shift
6-10 days RM2 / shift RM4 / shift
10- 14 days RM2 / shift RM4 / shift

New rates effective from January 2016. Maximum parking period is 14 days. Parking charges subjected to changes. Please check with Perbadanan Putrajaya for further details and terms & conditions.

Is it safe to park my car at the station?

The security within and around Putrajaya Sentral is under the jurisdiction of Perbadanan Putrajaya. Car owners park their vehicles at their own risk. ERL is not responsible for any damage to the parked vehicles or theft.

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Facilities and services available at Putrajaya Sentral include:

  • Free shuttle service to Putrajaya Hospital, and soon to the National Cancer Institute.
  • Park N Ride facilities with affordable parking rates. The multi-level car park building has 1,407 parking bays. The parking rate is RM2 per day (6am to midnight) and RM2 overnight surcharge (midnight to 6am).
  • There are also outdoor parking facilities, with more than 600 bays in total at the open space in front of Putrajaya Sentral’s main entrance and next to the bus terminal.
  • Unlimited one-day bus ride aboard Nadi Putra buses for Park N Ride users using their Park N Ride card. Regular Nadi Putra bus users would pay 50 sen per trip.
  • Special rates for Express Rail Link (ERL) train fare to encourage civil servants and the public to take the ERL when commuting from KL Sentral to Putrajaya. A one-way ERL train fare from KL Sentral to Putrajaya costs RM9.50; a return trip costs RM19.
  • There are also special rates for users heading to and from the airports in Sepang. A one-way ERL fare from Putrajaya to KLIA costs RM6.20; a return trip costs RM12.40. A one-way fare via ERL train and shuttle bus from Putrajaya to LCCT via Salak Tinggi costs RM5.50.
  • Seven food and beverage outlets, 11 kiosks selling souvenirs, a bus travel agency and a convenience store.

Source : PPASB

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