Kek Lok Si Display of Lights 2020

Kek Lok Si Display of Lights 2020

Temple of Supreme Bliss in the Hokkien dialect, Kek Lok Si Temple is a crowd puller and famous tourist’s attraction during the CNY. Annual display lighting showcases more than 10,000 lights. It is believed this act of faith will bring them peace, luck and prosperity.

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It is expected to attract thousands of well-wishers and tourists in ushering in the Year of the Pig.

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Kek Lok Si Display of Lights 2020

The glowing tradition which was considered one of the major events during Lunar New Year was to attract thousands of visitors yearly.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve on Feb, the 126-year-old monastery will be illuminated all the way up to the 33.6m-tall Kuan Yin statue and pavilion. From Jan 19 till Feb 21 2020. The temple will be open to the public from 7am until midnight. Usual Kek Lok Si Temple opening hours are from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

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