Corporate Identity: Corporate Image vs Corporate Reputation


The corporate reputation refers to the public’s overall estimation of a company’s performance and attributes over time. A corporate reputation is earned through (long-term) consistent performance, reinforced by effective communication.

Since corporate reputation is built over time, it has a relatively more stable and enduring nature than the corporate image.

Whether a company has a positive or negative reputation depends on a number of factors, such as whether the business delivers on its promises, is transparent, trustworthy, and responsive.

It is also largely dependent on the everyday images that people form of an organization.

The important of corporate identity.

  • Ensure that you’re consistent and coherent in all your communication;
  • Allow you to differentiate yourself against your competitors; and
  • Help you engage effectively with customers, employees and investors.

Elements of corporate identity

Culture and personality

  • Vision and Mission
  • values, culture and behavior


  • logo
  • website
  • Social media
  • Packaging and merchandise
  • External corporate communication
  • Office decor, uniforms, vehicles and everything else

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The corporate image is public perception, and handling that perception is crucial.

The corporate image can generally be described as what comes to the public’s mind when hearing a company’s name or seeing its logo. This corporate image is built by companies through well-conceived communication campaigns.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) protect and promote the corporate identity to create an image in people’s minds. This includes managing negative media stories. So that the public views the company exactly as the company wants to be seen.

Corporate Image VS Corporate Identity

Both the corporate image and corporate reputation reflect how the public perceives a corporation. But even though they are closely related terms, they are not interchangeable.

Definition Corporate Image Corporate Reputation
Refers to The immediate mental picture audiences have of a company The overall value judgement about a company over time
Perception Can be positive, neutral or negative Can be positive, neutral or negative
Steams from Inside an organization Inside and outside an organization
Time frame Can be built quickly Usually evolves over time
Key question “What do we want others to think we are?” “What are we seen to be?”