Rimba Alam Park Putrajaya

“Khazanah Alam Putrajaya”

Discover the precious jewels of tropical rainforest in Taman Rimba Alam Putrajaya. Your adventure here will bring you close to approximately 400 species of tropical rainforest trees. Without having to go far into the forest reserves all over Malaysia, you will have the chance to observe species of trees such as Keruing Merah, White Meranti, Melantai and many more.

Taman Rimba Alam straddles Precinct 14 and 15 on the eastern section of Putrajaya. The park is bordered by the Diplomatic Enclave and the residential developments of Precinct 14 and 15. Taman Rimba Alam is conceptualised as a showcase of urban forestry combining a sustainable tropical forest ecosystem with a metropolitan recreational park.

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Rimba Alam Park Putrajaya Picnic & Activities

Taman Rimba Alam Map

# Explorer’s Trail 1

Your journey will begin here as you enter the scenic and immense park, with a total area a nearly 400 acres. Rows of trees consisting a species such as Merawan Siput Jantan, Jelutong and Kapur will welcome you at the main entrance of the park.

# Explorer’s Trail 2

Get ready to delve further into the natural treasures of Taman Rimba Alam. This route will take you to the highest point of the park. Discover tree species such as Kelumpang Burung, Tongkat Ali Hitam, Kembang Semangkuk Jantung and Kekatong.

It is highly advised that you keep an insect repellent handy and use it often throughout this journey

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# Explorer’s Trail 3

You may experience a slight change of mood when strolling aling this route. With the sound of forest-dweling birds and insects and picturesque landscape rsembling an actual tropical rainforest, one easily forget that he is still in Putrajaya.

# Explorer’s Trail 4

Continue your journey aling this last route. Have you ever come across the habitat of manau rattan? Take a closer look at the one and only rattan species that can be found in this park. This species is becoming scare and is in short supply due to over-exploilation of rorest

Be cautious, asĀ  wild boars and monkeys often prowl atound this area. You are advised to visit the park during daytime and walk in groups.

Address: Taman Rimba Alam, Precint 15, 62675 Putrajaya

Tel: 03-8800 8000

Entrance Fees: FREE