Part Time Job Malaysia Student 2019

Thankfully, there are now numerous ways everyone can earn some extra cash for students. These side jobs and opportunities offer many a chance to bolster a monthly salary with a nice side income.

You need the job that balances your study and work.

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#1. Event Staff

Working as an event staff can be a right choice for those who are loking for a weekend job. Normally, an event management requires manpower for supervision, logistics, security, booths, ushering in guests and other jobs. The most important is, usually these job do not need experience or skill. Moreover, Event Staff need to constantly be on their feet and attend to the many needs of event-goers, requiring physical stamina and high energy levels.

#2. Food Services

Working in a restaurant after college has been a popular part-time job for students. A food service workers assist in preparing and serving a wide variety of different foods. They may assemble simple dishes, handle specific parts of a process etc. Food service work generally does not require formal education. Additionally, candidates should be aware of food safety and sanitation practices.

#3. Tutor

Tutoring is consistently in high demand. If you have a genuine passion on helping others develop academically, the role as a part-time tutor is probably right for you. Another fantastic incentive to taking on these roles is the pay – many of tutoring centres offer competitive hourly rates.

#4. Freelancer

A freelancer (self employed person) professional can enjoy both good income and time flexibility. Some of the highest paying freelancing professions are technical support, content writing, marketing etc. Normally, the payment are usually set based on your skill and capability to meet their request and expectation. There are dozens of such websites offering this service.

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#5.Retail Store Employee

They always welcome job-seeking students. Retail means selling to the public. It can be packing groceries, logistics, packing shelves, mopping floors to operating cash register, there are different jobs at a grocery store. Retail staff must be familiar with both the products they sell and the needs of their customers.

Don’t give it priority over your study and class schedule. Best of luck!

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