My Favourite Teacher : 4 Contoh Karangan Bahasa Inggeris Tingkatan 1

My Favourite Teacher : 4 Contoh Karangan Bahasa Inggeris Tingkatan 1

Contoh 1

My favorite teacher is Mrs Nadia, my English teacher. Her fun-loving nature makes her lessons so entertaining.

One example of this is when Mrs Nadia came into class wearing a clown costume. By the end of lesson, we had learnt so many adjectives to describe colors and feelings.

Mrs Nadia is very caring. She really listens to our opinions and problems. She even buys stationery and food for poor students.

I truly learn a lot in Mrs Nadia’s classes. Somehow her lessons stick in my brain. I look forward to English lessons every day.

Contoh 2

Sir Ahmad Banos is my favourite teacher. He teaches us Mathematic in our school.

The subject of mathematics seemed very complex and difficult to me from the beginning. But he explained mathematical problems, geometry, everything so easily that I started to get very good marks in mathematics. He makes mathematics so interesting to us.

Along with studies, Sir Ahmad Banos teaches us good ethics and moral values to develop our personality. His life lessons provide us with the strength to deal with any kind of problem in our lives.

I am grateful for having such a teacher in my life.

Contoh 3

My favourite teacher is Madam Siti Nurhaliza. She teaches us science as a subject.

From the first day, all the students in the class felt very close to her because of her friendly behavior with all of us. I used to be very weak in science. But due to her teaching, I improved a lot in science. She gives examples from real life situations to make his lessons interesting.

What particularly attracted me was his wide knowledge and keen interest in diverse matters. A teacher like her could seldom be found.

She shall remain an inspiration to me.

Contoh 4

My favourite teacher is Mr Daniel Mahbub. He teaches us English. He is our class teacher too.

His teaching method is very easy and unique. Everyone praises his teaching method. Every student understands it easily.

He also encouraged us to take part in sports and games and even participated in certain games with us. In short, he was more than a teacher to us.

I admire him and still remember him because he was an ideal teacher in all respects.