List of Putrajaya Lakeside Restaurant

The Village Restaurant & Bar @ Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

Putrajaya Lakeside Restaurant

The Village features exquisite local architecture topped with its traditional attap roofing. The restaurant’s unique modern Mediterranean and contemporary Asian cuisine provide a state of relaxation and enjoyment on the lake.

  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (7am – 12pm)
  • Address:  2, Jalan P5/5, Presint 5, 62200 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
  • Tel:03-8890 0000

Umai Cafe @ Millenium Monument

Umai Café is the representative of the Malaysian local culture while also adopting a rather modern outlook with regards to the design and environment.

Placed at the edge of the serene Putrajaya lake, this café is perfect for those who are seeking a relaxing and natural environment.

  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (9am – 11pm)
  • Address: Jalan P8e2/10, Presint 2, 62100 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
  • Tel: 012 239 6118

Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant

  • Address: Taman Botani Putrajaya, Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (11am-11.30pm)
  • Tel: 03-8893 0760

Kelab Tasik Putrajaya

For some local style western food, you may dine at the Kelab Tasik Putrajaya. Here they serve oriental chicken chop, lamb chop, spaghetti bolognese, fettuccini carbonara, clam chowder soup and many other cuisines.

This is actually a club for boating enthusiasts, with excellent dining experience and live entertainment as well. You may find it at Precinct 8, Putrajaya.

  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (8am – 10pm)
  • Address: 2, Jalan P8, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
  • Tel: 03-8889 5008

Ayer@8, Precint 8 Putrajaya

The Waterfront Hub for Business and Leisure at Putrajaya inspired by Venice, Italy. They called it Ayer@8. It’s a little hidden from the main road. People said, the name is because it’s located at waterfront (Ayer) and in Precint 8. Some of the popular restaurant here are:-

Serabei Café

  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (10am – 10pm)
  • Address: A2-3-GA, Ayer@8, Jalan P8 G/13, Presint 8, Putrajaya, 62000
  • Tel: 012 958 1056

Thai Tomyam Kung Restaurant

  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (7am – 12pm)
  • Address: Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
  • Tel: 03-8861 5876

Balqis Restaurant

  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (11am – 11.45pm)
  • Address: A1-G-1 Ayer@8, Precinct 8, Putrajaya
  • Tel: 03 8861 3170