Facebook Questions for Friends to answer

Facebook Questions for Friends to answer

Facebook Questionnaire Copy and Paste

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

What do you hear right now?

What one thing do you hope to accomplish this


What was the last thing you drank?

What five things could you not live without?

Do you have a shower playlist?

Superman or Captain America?

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what

people say you cannot do.

What is your favorite travel destination?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Awareness For Autism: Spread Love Through Online Campaign

Copy and Paste Questions About Yourself

Do you sing in the shower?

What are your biggest goals and dreams?

What are you passionate about?

Which animals scare you most? Why?

Do you sleep with the lights on or off?

How many Boyfriends/Girlfriends have you had?

What’s something that amazes you?

Who are you?

What would you do today if there is no more


What are you watching on Netflix?

Facebook Questions Post

Which came first: The chicken or the egg?

How many of your Facebook friends would you invite over for dinner?

One of our readers has a question. Can you help?

Time for a fun game. Who is your favorite comedian of all time?

What products would you like to see us offer?

What’s your favorite ice cream topping?

Latest Wishes for Birthday to Inspire You

Ideally, how would you spend your birthday?

Do you believe in yourself?

What is one of your favorite memories from 2015?

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