Funny Poll Questions to Ask on Facebook

Example: Funny Poll Questions to Ask on Facebook

Funny Poll Questions to Ask on Facebook

Do you think the poll feature is:

  • Useless
  • All of the above

Do you have nightmares?

  • Yes sometimes
  • Often
  • They wake me up in a sweat
  • I dream I am in my pyjamas in a public place
  • I’m trying to solve a problem
  • I’m driving all night
  • No lucky me

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Do you understand the purpose of this project?

  • Yes, I could explain it if you wake me in the middle of the night
  • I need clarification on a few more points but I’m nearly there
  • No, you lost me at, “There will be coffee and cake later”

Have you ever joined an online meeting…

  • While having breakfast
  • From the bathroom
  • In your PJs
  • From your bed

Why can’t women apply mascara with their mouths closed?

  • Women can’t do anything with their mouths closed. 😉
  • Women have to have their mouths open wider than their eyes. 😉
  • Hey, stop that. It’s just a physical response.

My first Car..

  • Never had any car!
  • I spent more time reparing it than driving it!
  • I am still in love with it
  • It’s just a way to get about

Do you ever talk to yourself?

  • Never!
  • Sure do
  • Yes and it’s embarrassing
  • It’s the only way I get to speak with someone intelligent

What’s Your Favorite Restaurant Type

  • Home cooking at Home
  • Burger
  • Tex-Mex
  • Indian
  • Thai
  • Chinese
  • Mexican
  • Other

Do you still have your Teddy/Doll

  • Yes but in a closet
  • Yes and sleeps with me
  • No sadly lost
  • Never had one!
  • Cannot remember

How Long does it Take you to Think of a Brilliant Reply?

  • Straight away, I’m flash!
  • Five minutes later
  • Later that day
  • Weeks later after much pondering and brooding

Are you the King of the remote control?

  • Yes, I watch several programs at the same time
  • Sorry it’s my partner
  • No