English Essay Example for Student – Form 3

Essay Example 1: I love family.

There are five people in my family. We live in a 3-storey terrace house in Cyberjaya, Selangor.

My father is a government servant. He is thirty-nine years old. He works at Putrajaya. My mother is a doctor at Putrajaya Hospital. She is three years older than my father.

My two older brother is fourteen and seventeen years old. They studied in my school too. My mother sends us to school every morning and my neighbour picks us up after Scheel every afternoon.

We always jog in the nearest community park during the weekends. Our favourite activity is playing chess together on Saturday and Friday nights. I love my family very much.

Essay Example 2: My Brother is my hero.

My hero in real life is my brother, in my eyes, he is more admirable than any celebrity or comic book superhero.

My brother has many qualities to be proud of. However, I admire him most for his generosity. This is because he is generous to a fault and does not expect anything in return. He helps his siblings by listening to their problems and offering them solutions.

Although my brother is quite strict at home, he is actually soft-hearted. He will give in if we really want to get something. He believes that education is very crucial and makes it a primacy for us.

In short, my brother is my role model. I want to be like him.

Essay Example 3: A Class Trip to Agriculture Heritage Park, Putrajaya

Last week, I went on a class trip to Agriculture Heritage Park, Putrajaya. The garden is about 1.5 hours’ drive away from our school.

Agriculture Heritage Park is an interactive plantation and orchard park where over 170 different crops are grown, and agricultural demonstrations are held. There were many types of fruit trees, all laden with fruit. I had never seen this many fruit trees all together before.

We were all eager to try plucking the fruits. There was such a variety of fruits, we wanted to pluck everything. At any rate, we eventually gathered the ripe fruits and put them into buckets.

This visit was an astonishing experience. I was influenced by all the hard work that goes into taking care of the garden. I hope to visit it again with my family.

3 English Essay Example for Students – Form 3 / Tingkatan 3  3 English Essay Example for Students – Form 3 / Tingkatan 3