Contoh Essay BI Form 1: A Visit To Zoo

Contoh Essay BI Form 1: A Visit To Zoo

A Visit to Zoo Negara

Last June, I visited Zoo Negara with my friends. We were eager to see the animals.

We went to see the big felines first. We saw the majestic lions and magnificent tigers roaming around their enclosures. We were impressed by their big teeth.

Next, we headed to the aviary. We saw peacock spreading its beautiful and spectacular tail. We took many pictures of it. We also photographed a few monkeys eating some fruit.

After that, we saw the animal show. It was my favourite part of the visit.

A Visit to Zoo

Last Sunday, I visited the zoo with my family. It was a perfect sunny day to visit the zoo.

We reached the zoo at 8 am. We entered the zoological garden and came across a beautiful lake filled with aquatic birds like ducks and white swans.

As we moved further, we saw an enclosure with fowls. Parrots, pigeons, eagles, and sparrows of different colours were chirping. The enchanted music sung by the birds delighted us.

In the next enclosed space, we saw leopards and lions, tigers, and tigress, resting and roaming about. The roars of the lion were deafening.

Visiting a zoo makes us learn a lot many things. We get to learn about the tastes and habits of so many varieties of birds, animals, reptiles, and beasts.

A Visit to Zoo

Last January, I visited zoo with my friends.

The sight of majestic elephants swirling their trunks in the air was a delight to watch. Along with this, the sight of bears happily playing with each other filled our hearts with warmth.

On our next halt, we saw a big aquarium with fishes of many glistening colours and sizes. Their fidgeting in the water was very delightful to watch. We also saw a bunch of dolphins playing around happily in the water.

We had a great time that we spent inside the zoo. I feel like visiting the zoo again and again in my life.

Contoh Essay BI Form 1 Contoh Essay BI Form 1