Botanical Garden Putrajaya Map

“Mother of All Gardens”

Beautiful botanical garden outside of Kuala Lumpur. Creatively landscaped gardens with unique paving with botanical imprints. Wonderful range of plants. The garden provides marvellous places for a picnic as well as a lakeside boardwalk! The 230 acres are also planted with trees, shrubs and flowers which bloom throughout the year.

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Putrajaya Botanical Garden Picnic & Activities

  • Explorer’s Trail
  • Palm Hill
  • Sun Garden
  • Floral Garden
  • The Lakeside
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# Explorer’s Trail

  • Canopy Bridge – enjoy the scenic tropical rainforest canopy. This 170 metres long bridge runs across a vailey cultivated with various species of rainforest trees.
  • Heliconia Trail – Explore the Heliconia Trail that is abundant with heliconia species and banana of various shapes and colours.
  • Vine Garden – A special garden adorned with a collection of climber plants such as king’s mantie, bauhinia and bread flower.

# Palm Hill

Mangrove fan palm, Chinese fan palm and toddy fishtail are among the palm collection that you can find while trekking through Palm Hill. Try to look for a palm special with sharp spines on its stem.

# Sun Garden

Cyras is an ancient plant that has been in existence since over 230 millions years ago. During that time, this plant was a food source for herbivous dinosours. How interesting is that? Take a look at the Japanese sago palm while learning how to tell time with the sundail.

# Floral Garden

The three main plant collections from Tropical America, Africa and Asia Pacific have shaped the garden into a beautiful and unique landscape.

# The Lakeside

A splendid view with garden landscape, unique building architechture complementing the background. It is a place for visitors who crave serenity and peace.

  • Lake boardwalk and Wetland – from this walkaway, you can see the dam that separates the Putrajaya lake from the Wetland Garden.
  • Hibiscus Walk – Enjoy the beauty of Malaysia’s national flowers while relaxing by the lakeside
  • Fern Garden – Bird’s nest and maidenhair fern are among fern species found here. Let’s learn about these plants.
  • Moroccan Pavilion – Visit the Moroccan Pavilion with its unique Moorish style architecture inspired by Tun Dr Mahathir. The gallery located at this houses a collection of items and architecture from the famous royal cities of Fez, Maknes, Marrakech and Rabat in Morocco.

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Cycling Opening Hours & Bicycle Rental Price

Monday to Friday

  • Single Sitter – RM2/hours
  • Double Sitter – RM4/hours
  • Baby Carrier – RM1/hour

Weekend and Public Holiday

  • Single Sitter – RM4/hours
  • Double Sitter – RM8/hours
  • Baby Carrier – RM2/hour

Visitor Interpretive Centre (VIC) 

  • Monday – Friday : 9.00am – 5.00pm*
  • Weekends & Public Holiday: 9.00am – 5.00pm*
  • Tuesday closed for maintenance

*Rest at 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Opening Hours: 7.00am – 7.00pm

  • Entrance Fees: FREE
  • Address: Taman Botani Putrajaya, Presint 1 Putrajaya
  • Tel: 03 8887 7770
  • Email: