Best Food at Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot

A food truck is like a restaurant on wheels. It has several distinct advantages over a traditional eat-in restaurant. A food truck can go to where the customers are. It has pretty low overhead, compared to a restaurant, and requires far less staff.

More and more Food Truck hotspots are popping up as the movement towards more mobile and flexible eateries grow. If you are looking for a quick and delicious meal or just hunting for Food Trucks, this is the list for you!

Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot at Presint 2 and Presint 14, is located near Millenium Monument and After Presint Diplomatic. It is a pleasure for those buying dinner and those who seek a place to just lepak over a drink.

Customer can enjoy variety of food, from traditional fare to Western cuisine.

Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot @ Presint 12

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Address: Putrajaya FoodTruck Hotspot @ Presint 2Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Presint 2, 62000 Putrajaya

Opening Hours: 5pm – 12am

Some of the popular foodtruck operated here is:-

  • Lano’s Foodtruck – ice blended, milkshake, softshell crab, big plate and lamb premium
  • Paparizzo – cheesy meatball
  • Roti John Cheese Putrajaya
  • Kelantan Fried Chicken
  • The Legend Bandung – Mee Bandung, mee rebus, tauhu, satay etc
  • Dani’s Recipe – Roasted Chicken, Wings Spicy and Cheese Spaghetti


Let’s grab your food from Food Trucks as they offer more exotic dishes ranging. The hotspot here applies a self-service concept as you have to clean up the table after meal.

How to Start a FoodTruck Business?

A food truck is still a business that requires a lot of work and attention especially in the first couple of years. Food truck owners put in long days and have similar problems as restaurant owners, such as slow seasons, bad weather, and a sluggish economy.

Here is what you will need to do to start your own food truck business

  • Find out Where You Can Do Business
  • Choose a Business Name and Write a Menu
  • Find Financing for Your Food Truck Business.
  • Stock Your Food Truck
  • Market Your Food Truck
  • Have Clear Goals for the Future

Food trucks are the hottest trend right now and show no signs of slowing down. If you have ever thought about opening a restaurant, a food truck is a good option.

It offers lower start-up costs and lower overhead. Once you have a feel for the food truck business, you can decide if you are ready to make the leap to ​restaurant owner. ​

Putrajaya Food Truck Hotspot @ Presint 14

Putrajaya Food Truck

Address: Putrajaya FoodTruck Hotspot @ Presint 14, Putrajaya

Opening Hours: 5pm – 12am

Customers Review

  • A good variety of food options, especially in Putrajaya, though they are not cheap despite eating in the streets. Would be enjoyable if the weather is good! A different experience for those who have not dined in the open before. – Emily
  • I have tried few type of food from different food truck. I would say the food not good. Not tasty and not nice. Terrible taste. I went there just after rain was stopping. All chairs and table were wet. And nobody was there to wipe the chairs and table. So we just sat on wet chairs. Ok, that’s all from me. Will not come here again 🙂 – Sukri
  • Place to dine are limited. Not children friendly. Prefer to add more table with shade for family with small kids. Most of the vendor are good. Price a bit pricey. Overall 4/5 – Mior


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