3 Karangan Bahasa-Inggeris Pendek: My Favourite Film

3 Karangan Bahasa-Inggeris Pendek: My Favourite Film

My Favourite Film: Finding Nemo

My favourite film is Finding Nemo. It is an animated film.

The film’s main character is Nemo, a clownfish who lives in the Great Barrier Reef. He has a stunted fin, but he is still able to live life to the fullest.

One day, Nemo is captured by some scuba divers. Nemo’s dad, Marlin dan his friend Dory travel across the ocean to find Nemo.

I love how the film shows the relationship between an overprotective father and his adventurous son. My own father treats me like that too.

This film has a heart-warming story and brilliant characters. I love it so much.

My Favourite Film: Avatar

My favourite film is Avatar, which was directed by James Cameron.  It is an action and fantasy film.

The film is about how a human, Jack Sully, who had a permanent disability, saved a planet, Pandora. There were many scenes that I like. When Jack nearly died because of the war, the goddess saved him and he was changed into a Pandora, who had blue skin and yellow eyes.

My favourite character of course is Jack. Jack was a brave, clever young man. I felt very surprised that I could enjoy this kind of great effects! I would definitely recommend this film to my friends.

My Favourite Film: Brave Heart

My favourite movie is Braveheart. It is an American epic historical drama.

Directed by Mel Gibson, “Braveheart” is about a war for freedom between the Scottish and English. The plot is based on the life of the protagonist, William Wallace, (played by Mel Gibson) who is single-minded and leads the Scottish army to freedom.

Braveheart is considered a classic for a reason. It is a very strong picture with an enthralling yet easy-to-follow storyline, good actors, lovable characters, great battles, and gritty action scenes. The movie was a surprise winner of the Academy Award 1995 for best picture.

Still, for the majority of the viewers, Braveheart is, and always will be an excellent piece of entertainment.

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