4 Example of Email Writing to Friend (Informal Email)

4 Example of Email Writing to Friend (Informal Email)

Planning Birthday Party

Hi Danial,

Thank you for your email. What a great idea. Yes, let’s organize a celebration for Grandfather’s birthday.

Why don’t we have a family picnic at Port Dickson? Our family loves the beach. We could celebrate on the weekend before Grandfather’s birthday. Then everyone will be able to come and share in the fun.

As for Grandfather’s birthday present, how about a neck massager? I heard his complaining about his stiff neck the other day.

Well, what do you think? Give me a buzz.

See you,

Planning an Activities

My dear Natijah,

How nice to hear from you! It’s great your little cousins are coming to stay with you for a bit.

I suggest you plan a variety of activities for them such as painting and storytelling. Check the internet for activities that children enjoy. You can choose the activities that interest you so you can have fun too.

Well, let me know how it goes.

Your friend,
Azmi Kahar

Farewell Gathering for Teachers

Dear Kumar,

Thank you for your email. I think it’s a amazing idea to organize a farewell gathering for our teachers.

Let’s organize a buffet breakfast. Our class fund is enough to pay for the food.

How about having breakfast in the morning on our last day of school. We could book Dewan Seri Budiman for the event. It would be fun to keep it a surprise, but I do not think we can plan this in secret.

If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know.

See you

An Invitation to a Friend

Hello Marwan

How lovely to hear from you. I am doing all right. I am glad you enjoyed your class trip.

Thank you for telling me about the exhibition at Pusat Sains Negara. I have always been fascinated by comets and shooting stars. So yes, I’d love to join you. When do you plan to go? Let me know the day and time and then we will discuss where and when to meet.

I am looking forward to our outing. I Await Your Prompt Response.

See you

4 Example of Email Writing to Friend 4 Example of Email Writing to Friend