3 Short Essay in English (Articles) SPM 250 Words

Article 1: Working in Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre.

A few years ago, when I was waiting for my Mid Term Exam results, I decided to do volunteer work at Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre with three of my friends. The Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre is an elephant sanctuary located in Temerloh in the state of Pahang, Malaysia.

One of my jobs at the sanctuary included keeping the elephant enclosure clean. I did not enjoy the cleaning, but I did feel happy when I saw how the elephant enjoyed their clean enclosure. It was not fun, but it was necessary for the good health of the elephants. I learned then that if I did not do my job properly, then the elephants would suffer for it.

I also helped to care for the elephants that were sick and injured. It taught me to develop patience and perseverance, as a lot of unpleasant work was needed to nurse them back to health. Seeing the elephants healthy again and knowing I had a hand in their recovery gave me immense satisfaction. It was fun watching them play and have a good time.

The experience of close encounter with the elephant and get the chance to bathe the animal was an unforgettable moment for me. Besides cleaning the elephant cage and conservation area, feeding, and bathing the elephant, I also plant 20 trees in an effort to increase the awareness of making the nature greener.

Overall, the entire experience was fun. It was a bit crowded and a little crazy, but we still had a good time feeding the elephants and learning more about the sanctuary’s mission. Any effort at animal conservation is a noble thing.

Article 2: The School Sport Day

Is there any student who has never participated in a sport day? I doubt there are many since the sport day is a popular event held in most schools.

Why is the sport day a regular event in schools? The main ambition of the sport day is to enable students, teachers, and parents to support fundraising project. Participants get their friends and family to sponsor them for the sport. Then, the money is donated to a cause. It is an easy and effective way to raise funds.

Moreover, the sport day benefits students in many ways. First of all, this event promotes a healthy activity that gets the youngsters outdoors. In the second place, the sport day will build student’s character as securing sponsorships requires determination and hard work. Moreover, participating in a big event like a sport day also strengthens the bond between the students and the community.

A school sport day has a festive feel and usually attract a good number of spectators. Since the event is to raise money for charity, additional activities should be organised to support this goal. A mini fun fair can be part of the event so that spectators can contribute the fundraising. The school could also showcase the student’s sporting talents such as having music, dancing, or martial art demonstrations.

As a conclusion, the school sport day benefit charities, the students and also the community. This event is a outstanding opportunity to bring the community together for a noble cause.

Article 3: Celebrating National Day / Malaysia Day

The National Day of Malaysia falls on the August 31. On this day, Malaysia officially became an independent country. It is important for Malaysians, especially the youngster, to be reminded of the meaning of this historic event. In my school, this special occasion is celebrated grandly every year.

School celebrates National Day with special activities to encourage students to express their love for the country. It is an opportunity to build their sense of national identity. Mostly, the celebration is held throughout August. Patriotic songs are sung at every school assembly. The celebration also involves a class decoration contest and art projects.

In my opinion, more emphasis on what it means to be Malaysian would improve our National Day celebration. Every student should learn to appreciate the privilege of being a citizen of this country. Essay or poetry writing and colouring competition based on this theme can be part of the celebration. The cultural diversity of our nation should also be celebrated on this occasion through cultural performances.

Our National Day must be celebrated properly in school to inculcate patriotism among youngsters. It is important for building an independent country that is strong and united.

3 Short Essay in English (Articles) 3 Short Essay in English (Articles) 3 Short Essay in English (Articles)